Pre Production

Planning your video

Pre Production

I remember when I was studying television, my lecturer, Jeff Barr (ex BBC) always reminded us about the value of planning. “How are you going to do it?” was a question he asked just about every day and it is a valuable question I ask myself during every production – “How exactly,  will I do this?”

From building up a concept and communicating it to stakeholders to finding locations, storyboarding, scripting, and planning for lighting and the correct lenses, it is all part of pre-production.

The team at AVRA has the experience and skills to take your idea and build it into a solid plan that considers the whole production before we even look through the lens of a camera and before a single shot is taken.

This attention to detail not only ensures shooting goes smoothly but it identifies and overcomes any potential problems and guarantees our customers get exactly what they expect.

Pre-production will involve meeting with you and discussing your ideas and spending a little time working out a plan that you are happy with. The ideas and concepts are yours. AVRA will work out exactly how to do it.

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