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Filming days August 2021 and October 2021

Michael Macdonald is a guitar teacher, school teacher, and musician. Through his publisher, Prosperity Education, he is releasing a book called ‘How to learn guitar properly in 12 weeks.’

To accompany this, Michael and Prosperity Education wanted to create a series of videos to link to chapters in the book that would aid students. We filmed at Berkeley 2 studios in Glasgow on both days and had a two camera set up – one with the wider shot and the other close-ups of the detail Michael was demonstrating. Editing began soon after and with Michael’s home in Madrid, the modern tech opportunities really helped to keep the project moving forward despite the obvious distance.

I had Aidan with me on both shoots and it was amazing to see the difference because in August he was yet to start his Film and Television HND and in October he was quite a few months in and what he has learned so far is outstanding. Hoping the project will be fully completed by Summer 2022.

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